With all of the security he has and the millions of fans-turned-stans that he’s accumulated over the years, Drake’s No. 1 ride or die protector seems to be Issa Rae. The television and film producer is known not only for dropping jokes on-screen but on social media as well, as her hilarious takes on pop culture or clap backs to trolls captivate her audience.

Last week, Issa appeared on The ETCs with Kevin Durant and during the chat, she revealed that she goes hard for Drizzy. So much so, that she carries the weight of beefs that he has already let go. “I have not listened to Meek Mill, because—,” Issa began before interrupting her thought. “Y’all forgave him?”

Prince Williams / Contributor / Getty Images

She admitted that it was about the beef Meek had with Drake all those years ago. Durant asked her if she has forgiven Meek. “‘Not yet,” she answered. Issa was reminded that Drake even forgave the Philadelphia rapper and all is well. “I know.”

“I’m the girlfriend that’s like, ‘He asked for no onions!'” she joked. “So that’s like, you know, I just felt protective of [Drake] with him and Pusha T.” Rae also added that “the music that came out of that period was great” but she “doesn’t like when people try him.” The hosts couldn’t help but laugh at how long Issa Rae could hold a grudge for someone else.

Check it out below.