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The Source |Young Thug Calls On Other Rappers To Help African Students Get Out Of Ukraine After Racism At Border

Over the last week, many Ukrainians have fled their country after Russian President Vladimir Putin began a invasion of Ukraine under the guise of a “peacekeeping operation.” You would think that in a crisis like this, people would be decent human beings. Think again.

Over the weekend, video surfaced of African students being denied passage on a train taking citizens out of the country.

The videos spread across social media, and has prompted Young Thug, even though is thousands of miles away from the situation, to do something about it.

The Atlanta artist took to his Instagram Stories where he called upon his fellow rappers to help the thousands of African students get out of the country.

“If some of my rap brothers are in I’m willing to help Africans get out of Ukraine however I can sense they not letting us pass” Thug posted on his IG story. “Who ever holds the info for these movements please contact me ASAP I’m ready.”

Many students that are stranded in Ukraine have taken to social media to let the world know the racism that they are facing as they are trying to leave the country.

One student tweeted how the police threatened to shoot them and refused to let Africans cross into Poland and are allowing only Ukranians to pass.

“Watch how they are threatening to shoot us! We are currently at the Ukraine-Poland border. Their Police and Army refused to let Africans cross they only allow Ukrainian. Some have slept here for 2 days under this scorching cold weather, while many have gone back to Lviv.”

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