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JJ Redick Airs Out Zion Williamson On ESPN First Take

Former NBA player and New Orleans Pelicans JJ Redick called out Zion Williamson on ESPN First Take yesterday for being a bad teammate. The reason behind Redick’s call out was because Williamson reportedly hasn’t spoken to his newest teammate CJ McCollum.

“Shows a complete lack of investment in your team, in the organization, in the city,” Redick said. “I get that [Williamson’s] hurt and away from the team, but you just traded for one of the 50 best players in the league. A guy that’s supposed to be paired with you. Reach out and say hello. This is a pattern of behavior with Zion that we are seeing again and again. And look, I was his teammate. I can describe him as a detached teammate. That is an accurate statement. This is basic level of humanity being a teammate. Send a text to a guy when he gets traded to your team. That is just normal behavior. That is bare minimum that you have to do.”

Redick didn’t hold much back in his rant, including how Williamson is a detached teammate. Williamson hasn’t played any NBA games this season and it looks like he wants no parts of the Pelicans. McCollum shouldn’t take the ghosting like move personal. Williamson been ghosting the organization for sometime now.

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