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“I Felt Good My Friends Broke His Arm”

After Dave Chappelle got attacked on stage at the Hollywood Bowl, the comedian hit an after-party. Speaking about the events of the night, Chappelle said “I felt good my friends broke his arm.”

In true comedic fashion, Chappelle carried on: “How bad does a nigga have to be that Joe Stewart would stomp him!

Following being attacked on stage at the Netflix is a Joke Festival at Hollywood Bowl, Dave Chappelle has released his first statement to CNN.

“As unfortunate and unsettling as the incident was, Chappelle went on with the show,” said Carla Sims, Chappelle’s representative, said in a statement. “Jamie Foxx and Chris Rock helped calm the crowd with humor before Chappelle introduced the last and featured musical guests for the evening.”

Dave Chappelle’s attacker has been formally named and charged. 23-year-old Isaiah Lee has been identified as the attacker and has been charged with felony assault with a deadly weapon.

The Los Angeles Police Department stated the man was carrying a “replica handgun” with a knife blade inside when he tackled Chappelle. After he tackled Chappelle, the man attempted to flee the area but was quickly surrounded and “stomped out,” as Chappelle alluded to onstage. Images and video from the scene show the damage to Lee’s body, most notably a severely disfigured arm.

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