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Gene Simmons Says Kanye West Deserves Bitch Slap For Attacking Kim, Pete

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Gov. Youngkin skewered after attacking teen on Twitter for exposing whitewash at Executive manse

Deetz initially told VPM that, in January, she arrived at the mansion to discover that someone had removed period cookware on loan from Monticello and other sites. Her office was emptied and a TV...


Kim Kardashian Slams Kanye, Stop Attacking Me on Social Media

Kim Kardashian has done something she almost never does … she’s gone after Kanye on social media … this after he attacked her. Kim is clearly angry over Kanye posting his grievances...

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Man arrested and charged for hate crime after attacking Sikh taxi driver

During the alleged attack, the driver’s turban fell off. The turban is an important aspect of the Sikh identity. According to the Associated Press, it is a symbol of a Sikh’s spiritual strength....

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Video captures ‘Karen’ and partner attacking a Black man after he’s served before them at a Hilton

The story was broken by Daily Dot, which reports that the victim, meaning, of course, the Black man, whose Twitter name is @slyfoxnyc, goes by HL on the platform.  “Can you please send the video to...

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[WATCH] Video of NFL PLayer Zac Stacy Allegedly Attacking Ex-Girlfriend

The former New York Jets running back is currently in the hot seat after a video circulating the internet that captures the moment Zac Stacy allegedly attacked his ex-girlfriend in front of their...