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Dr. Werner Spitz autopsy reveals Patrick Lyoya was shot in back of his head

Dr. Werner Spitz’s Independent Autopsy Confirms Patrick Lyoya’s Cause Of Death


We’re not about to let off the gas when it comes to the Patrick Lyoya case. We said from the very beginning that it looked like a cold-blooded murder and a newly released independent autopsy speaks to that very same conclusion. Dr. Werner Sptiz is a highly-regarded pathologist that has worked on numerous murder cases of public interest over the years including the murder of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.. Yesterday, according to an ABCNews report, he stood by the Lyoya family and their attorneys to reveal his findings in the independent autopsy that he conducted.

“There’s no question what killed this young man. … It was a powerful bullet,” said Spitz, holding a skull to show where the bullet entered the head.

Below, Spitz goes into very graphic detail about exactly why Patrick Lyoya is no longer alive.

If a bullet to the back of the head isn’t manslaughter at the VERY least then the streets of Grand Rapids are going to be a very tumultuous place. We want to reiterate the incontrovertible fact that Lyoya was not armed in any way. There was no weapon in his hand in the video that was released, nor was a weapon found at the scene where he lay dead. He was an unarmed Black male who was shot in the back of the head while a police officer knelt on his back.

Oh, speaking of the yet-to-be-publicly named officer who killed Patrick, it appears that the internet has done it’s thing. Protesters have been photographed in Grand Rapids, Michigans holding signs that read, “Christopher P. Schurr is a murderer”.

Grand Rapids Community Protests Against Police Department Over Officer Shooting That Killed Patrick Lyoya

Source: Scott Olson / Getty

There shouldn’t be anything else to discuss.


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