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Betty White’s Estate Going Up for Auction, Over 1,500 Pieces of Memorabilia

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Joel McHale Says ‘Golden Girls’ Stars Are Wrong Calling Betty White C-Word

Play video content TMZ.com Joel McHale has made a compelling case that Betty White was not the person Bea Arthur and Rue McClanahan claimed she was … a case so compelling it would have impressed...


Betty White Birthday Challenge Raises Thousands, Dog Gets Life Saving Surgery

The Betty White Challenge raised tens of thousands of dollars for animals in need — and probably even more — and one dog, in particular, is getting the ultimate benefit … a new lease on...


Betty White’s Assistant Posts One of the Last Photographs of Her Before Death

Betty White was all smiles just days before she died, as seen in a newly revealed photo … one of the last ones to document her life, in fact. The late actress’ assistant took to Facebook...


Betty White Mural Encourages Dog Rescue Donations

There’s a new tribute to Betty White in town, but this one isn’t just about honoring Betty … it’s about promoting the cause closest to her heart. Corie Mattie is responsible for...


Bob Saget’s Tribute to Betty White Before His Own Death

In a sad coincidence, many of the things being said about Bob Saget today are the same things he said about Betty White as he honored the late comedic actress … just days before he died in an...


Bills WR Stefon Diggs Honors Betty White with Pregame Cleats

The artwork on Stefon Diggs‘ cleats knows no bounds, evidenced in his latest offering … a tribute to the late Betty White. The Buffalo Bills wide receiver honored the iconic actress Sunday...


Josh Altman Says Realtors Would Never Do Open House for Betty White’s Home

Play video content TMZ.com Josh Altman says Betty White‘s home will never get the open house treatment — or at least it shouldn’t — if and when her family decides to put it up for...


Betty White to Have Puppy Named After Her, Honored by Guide Dogs for the Blind

Betty White was a known animal lover who supported a number of organizations throughout her life … now one of them is stepping up to honor her in one of the best ways possible! The CEO for Guide...

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Latest anti-vaxxer nonsense blames Betty White’s death and NFL player’s injury on COVID-19 booster

This was all pretty exasperating even before they brought St. Olaf’s Woman of the Year into it. Then it became fucking infuriating. Do not blaspheme the great Betty White, you slobbering cockwombles....


Betty White’s Hometown to Honor Her with ‘Betty White Day’ On Birthday

Betty White‘s life and career won’t just be celebrated in one corner of Illinois — the village where she was born is creating a full-on holiday to honor the late actress … TMZ has...


Betty White 100th Birthday Celebration Will Play in Theaters Despite Death

The show will go on … it’s something Betty White must have said many times during her life, so it’s fitting the show dedicated to her life will go on, despite her passing. Betty’s...

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Hollywood Icon Betty White Dead at Age 99

Golden Girls star, comedian, actress, superstar Betty White has passed away at age 99. TMZ reports White died at her home before 9:30 a.m. Betty White was set to turn 100 years old on Jan. 17. White had...


Betty White Dead at 99

12:32 PM PT — The beginnings of a makeshift memorial outside Betty’s house are underway. One fan has already stopped by to place flowers under a tree at the gate, and pay their respects. 11:44...

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Review: The Betty brings some midcentury charm—and the best martini in town—to Buckhead’s new boutique hotel

Executive chef Brandon Chavannes excels in unforced preparations like celery ceviche.Photograph by Martha Williams Compared to other types of restaurant experiences, hotel dining carries a frisson of...