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Rockers Dee Snider & Kid Rock on Opposite Ends of Conservative Politics

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Small-time conservative ‘broadcaster’ believed his own propaganda about supplements

Guys, he’s pursuing “truth.” And he’s totally fighting the oligarchy, which isn’t Donald Trump at all.  Guys, he’s just asking questions. Such as, did the government and big Pharma...

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Biden hints at Supreme Court shortlist; still more conservative book bans

In the news today: Even as President Biden again asserts that he intends to nominate the first Black woman in history to the Supreme Court after the retirement of Justice Stephen Breyer, much of the news...

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Conservative megadonor reportedly wants Illinois mayor to take on Democratic governor

Griffin, for his part, denied that he’s picked a candidate, though he made it clear he wanted to see Pritzker gone. However, one GOP source who spoke to Griffin’s people told the Chicago...

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Trump Jumps Into MI State Politics…Endorses Pro-Forensic Audit Conservative Matt Maddock As Michigan’s Next House Speaker

The Left despises him. The media fears him, so they manufacturer fake stories about him and his wife. Moderates in his own party, who have no idea what true conservatism looks like, would like to see him...