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The Kidd Creole Convicted Of Manslaughter in Fatal Stabbing of Homeless Man

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NYC Man Convicted Of Threatening To Kill Fox News Hosts Laura Ingraham And Greg Gutfeld

A New York City man was convicted of threatening a federal official and for making interstate threats to two Fox News hosts. Rickey Johnson was convicted by a jury of his peers for threatening Senator Joe...

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Men convicted of killing Ahmaud Arbery sentenced to life in prison

During the sentencing hearing, Arbery’s family was able to give victim impact statements and the court was also able to hear from character witnesses who support the McMichaels and Bryan. Arbery’s...

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Jussie Smollett Convicted on 5 Counts of Disorderly Conduct in Hate Crime Hoax

Jussie Smollett has been found guilty of 5 counts of disorderly conduct for lying to the Chicago Police Department over a hate crime, which is now declared a hoax. Smollett staged a racist, homophobic...

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After making millions, author Alice Sebold apologizes to Black man wrongly convicted of her rape

“I will remain sorry for the rest of my life that while pursuing justice through the legal system, my own misfortune resulted in Mr. Broadwater’s unfair conviction for which he has served not only...

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NY Judge Refuses Jail Sentence For Wealthy White Convicted Serial Rapist

The audacity of caucacity is working overtime in the courts! Source: MirageC / Getty A blatantly biased judge allowed a depraved young White man with a history of violence to return to society last week,...

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2 Men Convicted In Malcolm X Assassination Set To Be Exonerated

Welp, it only took the better part of six decades, but two of the three Black men accused of assassinating civil rights icon Malcolm X are set to be exonerated after spending more than 50 years professing...

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Biden’s Marxist Treasury Nominee Saule Omarova Is a Convicted Thief According to Court Records

The Biden regime recently nominated an open Marxist to the role of the comptroller of the currency. Saule Omarova was nominated to run the key post that regulates national banks last month. Saule Omarova...