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Either John Cornyn is an idiot or he thinks you are

It doesn’t get any more dimwitted than this. Last week, Sen. John Cornyn of Texas claimed that Democrats’ focus on protecting the right to vote was in response to a “manufactured crisis.”

To support that claim, he pointed to a Pew Research Center poll conducted just after the November 2020 presidential election that found more than nine in 10 voters said it was easy to vote in the election.

“More than nine-in-ten voters (94%) say that voting in the election this November was either very easy (77%) or somewhat easy (17%), while just 6% say that voting was very or somewhat difficult,” Cornyn tweeted, quoting an excerpt from the Pew report.

Several hours later, Cornyn managed to finish his thought.

“Democrats claim there’s a nationwide assault on the right to vote, but 94% of voters said voting was easy in 2020. This is a manufactured crisis designed to achieve political gain,” tweeted Cornyn.

Seriously, how stupid does this guy think voters are? Sure, the GOP base is living in an alternate universe, but there’s no need to convince them using a Pew poll. They’ll soak up any old slop they’re served.

Instead, the tweet seemed aimed at slightly swingier voters—an attempt to sell them on the idea that Democrats are making stuff up.

Only Pew was talking about 2020, and the GOP’s nationwide assault on voting rights began in the wake of 2020, precisely because Joe Biden flipped states that hadn’t gone for a Democrat in decades.

So the Pew poll of 2020 holds no relevance whatsoever to the fact that GOP-led states have since passed a tidal wave of bills that seek to subvert the will of the voters.

That means Cornyn is either daft, or he’s grown accustomed to the idea that voters are stupid and will believe anything you tell them. That may be true of the GOP base and Trump cultists, but it isn’t true for some 60% of the country.

How embarrassing.

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