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What good is that new dream Corvette now?

People said they wouldn’t take a vaccine that Trump was pushing without proper scientific validation. I mean, this was the guy who wanted us to inject bleach into ourselves while shining a UV light up our butts. 

After proper scientific validation, with proof that the vaccines were safe, most thinking people who were eligible jumped at the chance to be safer from this deadly, horrible disease. The rest of the people, on the other hand, claim they are “pro-immune system,” when the vaccine actually trains the immune system to identify and destroy the COVID virus before it can take hold in the body. 

It’s not an either-or situation, but they’re too stupid—and political—to understand that. 


One thing that would improve the chance of that ‘Vette getting its “future upgrades”? A living and breathing owner. Now how would one do that in the middle of a raging deadly pandemic? Hmmm….


He’s not offering “permission.” He’s offering a warning. 

This one is prescient. We’ll come back to it. 


Side effects: You might feel like you got punched in the arm. You might be down for a bit, up to two to three days, with mild fever, muscle soreness, and other cold-like symptoms. There are extremely rare cases of heart problems. 

Seriously, this guy hasn’t heard about the side effects? We all know them. They know them, since they love to amplify them to further their anti-vaxx agenda. 


They “ditched” it because 90% of employees were already vaccinated, and those that didn’t get charged a $200 monthly surcharge and require them to be tested weekly. The airline expected that number to be 95% by the end of November. 

Meanwhile, United once thought it would need to lay off 600 unvaccinated workers, but ended up only having to lay off 230 of its 96,000 employees because, in the end, vaccination mandates work. 


Isn’t, uh, the kid who gets screwed here?


Yup. The tiny sliver of health care worker holdouts that put themselves and their patients and community at risk aren’t the heroes. They’re the villains of this story. 


He’s more worried about his car “surviving” than himself. 


This is why Republicans won in Virginia, and why they’ll win next year if national dynamics don’t change. They have made the safety of our children into the latest culture war front, and it doesn’t matter that we’re on the side of “keeping our children and their loved ones alive.” It’s motivating them far beyond the Critical Race Theory hysterics. 


“Missing context” indeed, with that headline: “CDC says they have no record of naturally immune person transmitting #COVID.”

What the headline is communicating: CDC SAYS NATURALLY IMMUNE DON’T TRANSMIT COVID

Reality: CDC literally doesn’t track whether infections come from immunized people or not. How could they? We don’t have functional contact tracing in this country. 

So yeah, the headline is technically right, if read literally, yet so, so full of shit. 


He didn’t need Fauci’s permission to gather with his family for the holidays!


Holy shit, that was fast! Not even two weeks! He didn’t even get to enjoy his new dream car for two weeks before he was off to New England, either getting infected or infecting other people. He clearly didn’t do “everything [he] could to protect” his family, given that he’s left them without a father, husband, and wage earner. Not to mention, he picked his dream car over his wife’s dream house. 


And it’s even worse: His wife and one of his daughters also have COVID—because Fauci couldn’t tell them what to do, while fighting vaccines and mask mandates. He didn’t do everything possible to protect them. Quite the opposite: He put them all at risk. 

I really hate when children are affected. Hate, hate, hate it. It’s one thing to be a selfish asshole, and suffer the consequences of your ignorance. It’s another to leave behind innocent, traumatized children. Facebook and the conservative machine have so damaged these people that they’re literally fighting to endanger themselves and their families. They won the Virginia elections last month on a platform of “you can’t tell us to keep our children safe.” 

If you break a parent’s most central instinct—to protect your children at all costs—what’s left? That’s why they don’t care about mass school gun massacres. They don’t care that their children have to do “active shooter” drills. They’ve become desensitized to the rampant COVID deaths in their own communities. How many times have we seen obituaries that basically say, “Oh well, there goes another one #CovidSucks,” as if it’s normal and expected and inevitable. 

Here, we have two girls who have lost their dad, and their mother is not out of the woods. How many more orphans does “the party of life” want to create? Their insatiable appetite for death in the name of “freedom” has no bounds.

They didn’t even need to listen to us liberals to avoid this fate. They could’ve just listened to scientists and the medical community. But no, Dr. Facebook had all the answers, and they all led to a lonely red Corvette, and a bereaved, sick wife wondering how quickly she can sell it to survive economically.

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