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Say hello to The Downballot, our new podcast about races from Senate to city council

Daily Kos Elections is extremely excited to announce the launch of our brand-new podcast, The Downballot!

Every week, political director David Nir and contributing editor David Beard will highlight some of the key stories in the world of downballot elections—especially those that don’t always generate the big headlines. We’ll also bring on a guest to lead us in a deep dive of a major topic that will make you, our listeners, the best-informed political consumers around.

Our first three episodes are already live, and you can find them wherever you enjoy podcasts:

  • Ep. 2: Daily Kos Elections editor Jeff Singer, whose knowledge of elections is unparalleled, gives us an exceptionally thorough overview of the top contests in the 2022 midterms.
  • Ep. 3: Nir and Beard talk about redistricting in Alabama and the GOP primary for governor in Georgia before exploring the world of online polling with Civiqs co-founder Drew Linzer.​​​​​​​

Each year, Americans elect tens of thousands of officials at all levels of the ballot, from Senate to city council. Too often, however, these crucial elections are ignored, which is why Daily Kos Elections has spent almost two decades elevating these races to help them get the attention they deserve.

It’s also why we decided to create this new show, which is the only podcast devoted to downballot elections from a progressive perspective. In this format, we’ll be able to delve into issues in ways that simply aren’t possible in print—and give activists, campaign professionals, and election junkies like yourselves a new and enjoyable way to engage with us.

New episodes come out every Thursday morning. Click here to subscribe on your favorite podcasting platform, and once you’ve given us a listen, please come back so that you can like us and leave us a five-star review. We’re also eager for your feedback and input on topics you’d like to hear us discuss, so please leave a comment or drop us a line. We can’t wait to hear what you think!

P.S. Don’t have time to listen? We always provide a transcript, which you can find linked in each episode description or at this tag.

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Meet Shahana Hanif, the first Muslim woman elected to New York City Council

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AAPI advocates say Massachusetts city council member should resign over racist Halloween costume

While the incident occurred two years ago and the charges against Kraft were dropped, the situation is nothing to joke about and wearing racist costumes was not funny then and is not funny now. Lawmakers...

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The Atlanta City Council runoff election—explained in 10 minutes

Photograph by Tashka / iStock/ Getty Images Plus With no more than seven incumbents returning, the Atlanta City Council will look much different in 2022. The extent of that change is still to be...

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Black Lives Matter Activist Elected to Des Moines City Council, Says She Wants to Defund Police

Indira Sheumaker A Black Lives Matter activist who wants to defund the police was elected to the Des Moines City Council on Tuesday. The Des Moines Black Liberation Movement activist, Indira Sheumaker,...