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Ahmaud Arbery Federal Hate Crimes Verdict in, Guilty on All Counts

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Jeffrey Epstein’s Pimp Ghislaine Maxwell Found Guilty On Five of Six Counts In Sex Trafficking Trial

Ghislaine Maxwell, serial sex offender Jeffrey Epstein close associate and co-consiprirator has been found guilty on five of six counts at her sex trafficking trial. of underage girls. Maxwell, 59, had...

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Jussie Smollett Convicted on 5 Counts of Disorderly Conduct in Hate Crime Hoax

Jussie Smollett has been found guilty of 5 counts of disorderly conduct for lying to the Chicago Police Department over a hate crime, which is now declared a hoax. Smollett staged a racist, homophobic...


Waukesha Parade Suspect Brooks Charged with 5 Counts Intentional Homicide

2:32 PM PT — Brooks’ bail was just set at $5 million. There are also now reports a 6th person, a child, has died because of injuries suffered at the parade. The man cops say is responsible for...


DaBaby’s Baby Momma DaniLeigh Charged With 2 Counts Of Simple Assault Following Domestic Dispute

The updates are coming in regarding the late Sunday night incident between DaBaby and singer DaniLeigh at the rapper’s home in Charlotte, North Carolina. As we reported on Monday morning, the...

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Youtube is Up to Its Tricks Again – Announces it Will Hide Public ‘Dislike’ Counts in All Videos After Joe and Kamala Are Continually Ratioed

What a surprise! The far-left tech giants jumped in to save the Biden regime. YouTube announced on Wednesday that they will make the “dislike count” hidden from the public. The dislike button...