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Amanda Bynes Clarifies Crack, Porn Comments About Fiance Paul Michael

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The Source |Netflix Tests Out Fees to Crack Down on Password Sharing

Then world’s largest streaming service may soon get more (official) subscribers as Netflix announced today that it would begin a rollout to test an initiative that would crack down on illicit...

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Republicans mysteriously howl about ‘crack pipes’ as Biden administration fights fentanyl overdoses

Republicans and their right-wing media are howling with outrage that the Biden administration would try to combat the overdose epidemic by saving the lives of drug users. Their “crack pipes” talking...


Young Dolph Murder Case Sees Feds Turning to Informants to Crack Case

Federal agents investigating Young Dolph‘s murder are hoping their informants can help them crack the case … but so far, the information provided hasn’t led to any suspects or arrests....