Reggie Miller was known for being a fantastic shooter during his time in the NBA. While he never won an NBA title, he was certainly a thorn in the side of many of the game’s greatest players, and if you’re a fan of today’s NBA, then you have to give respect to Miller for inspiring a generation to shoot the three. 

The three-point shot is being heavily discussed right now thanks to the fact that Steph Curry is about to break Ray Allen’s three-point record. While he already has the most threes between the regular season and playoffs, he still hasn’t toppled the regular season record yet. Tonight, Curry will certainly be in a great position to break the record as he is just one three-pointer behind Allen. If Curry were to make just two attempts, he will be the all-time leader in about 500 less attempts.

Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images for TNT

During a sit down interview with Miller, Curry spoke about the record and how he’s not sure if it will ever be broken. While Curry is confident that it will, indeed, hold forever, Miller seems to think there is absolutely no chance that anyone ever makes as many threes as Curry. After all, once he surpasses Allen, he will only be building upon his resume.

“Go to Vegas,” Miller said jokingly. “This is one NBA record that will never–you heard it–never be touched.”

There are some records that have stood for a very long time. For instance, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar’s points record has not been beaten since he first broke the record himself, in 1984. However, LeBron James is on his way to toppling that feat, which just goes to show that records truly are made to be broken.