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DaBaby’s Lawyers Say Walmart Shooting Video Backs Up Self-Defense Claim

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DaBaby’s Bowling Alley Fight Case Slows Down, Victim No Longer Cooperating

The investigation into DaBaby‘s bowling alley fight has hit a snag … and we’re told, oddly enough, the alleged victim is the reason. Law enforcement sources tell TMZ … the...


DaBaby’s 911 Audio After Shooting Trespasser as Victim Screams in Pain

Play video content DaBaby called 911 after shooting a trespasser who entered his North Carolina estate, and you hear the trespasser writhing in pain and DaBaby giving the 911 dispatcher lip. DaBaby is...

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DaBaby’s Lawyer Believes Brandon Bills Filed Lawsuit For Quick Cash Grab: Report

“Garbage like this has no place adding to the backlog and wasting law enforcement time and energy,” Drew Findling reportedly said. He may have claimed that his recent bowling alley beatdown...


DaBaby’s Lawyer Says Throw Out Lawsuit, DaniLeigh’s Brother Making Money Grab

DaBaby‘s lawyer wants to make a couple things VERY clear — DaniLeigh‘s brother has no basis to sue the rapper over that bowling alley brawl — and the whole thing smells like a...


DaBaby’s Baby Momma DaniLeigh Charged With 2 Counts Of Simple Assault Following Domestic Dispute

The updates are coming in regarding the late Sunday night incident between DaBaby and singer DaniLeigh at the rapper’s home in Charlotte, North Carolina. As we reported on Monday morning, the...