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Benzino Says Shauna Brooks Crossed a “Dangerous Line” and Threatens to “Hunt” Her Down

Last week a transgender model revealed an alleged relationship with Benzino. The woman is Shauna Brooks, and she was the target of Benzino in a rant on social media. Hitting Twitter, Benzino shared DMs with Brooks and gave a stern message: “You keep lying on me I am gonna hunt you down and Im going to jail.”

“This person has crossed a dangerous line and I’ve already accepted that at 56 years old I will die now or go to jail for the rest of my over my name, reputation and legacy,” Benzino wrote. “This weirdo mf is playing with y’all, not me. He/she still haven’t said that we never met in person.”

Benzino would go forth with threats to anyone attempting to hurt his legacy.

Shauna responded online with receipts:

Shauna Brooks

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