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Jack Harlow “First Class” Hits No. 1, Sparks Race Debate in Hip Hop

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Amerie’s ‘1 Thing’ Resurfaces Debate Over Beyonce, J Lo Comparisons

Every so often, Amerie‘s hit single ‘1 Thing’ crops up online — and like clockwork, a fierce debate gets fired up … inevitably bringing Beyonce and Jennifer Lopez into the...


Bruce Willis’ Mom Weighs In on ‘Die Hard’ Christmas Movie Debate

There’s been a long, raging debate over whether the 1980s classic action flick “Die Hard” is a Christmas movie … and Bruce Willis‘ mother is picking sides. The debate has the...

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Supreme Court looks primed to overturn Roe; Trump exposed Biden to COVID during debate

Trump tested positive for COVID-19 before the debate but appeared anyway. Days later he would be hospitalized for his symptoms. In the news today: In oral arguments before the Supreme Court, the...


Trump Tested Positive for Covid Before 2020 Debate, According to Ex-Chief of Staff

Donald Trump had tested positive for COVID-19 just days before meeting up with Joe Biden for their first presidential debate — this according to his ex-Chief of Staff. Mark Meadows makes the claim...