Another legal win is in the books for Cardi B. She was recently awarded a judgment of approximately $4 million in connection with the defamation lawsuit against Tasha K, and according to TMZ, the other defamation case Cardi was named in is now closed. Amid news that Tasha K has officially filed to appeal the verdict in her case, news has surfaced that the beach confrontation case involving Cardi and her sister Hennesy Carolina back in September 2020 has concluded.

The verbal confrontation went viral after video footage of the altercation circulated online. Hennessy claimed that while at Smith Point Beach in the Hamptons, she was confronted by three others, one wearing a “MAGA” hat. However, the beachgoers gave a different story.

Noam Galai / Stringer / Getty Images

According to the three people involved in the dispute, Hennessy threatened them, spit on someone, and called them “racist.” They later filed a lawsuit, citing that being called “racist” was defamatory, and they included Cardi’s name in the suit because she shared the video on her platform. Additionally, Cardi reportedly stated that Hennessy and her entourage were targeted because “they are Afro-Hispanic and gay,” writes TMZ.

A judge has reportedly stated that the insults weren’t defamatory and dismissed the case. The accusers also included an assault and battery claim over Hennessy’s alleged spitting, but because they couldn’t prove that it occurred, they also didn’t have a solid basis for intent. Meaning, there was no way to know, if it happened, whether or not Hennessy was aiming for them.

Check out the video of the confrontation below.