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Disney Channel Actor Gets 2-Year Sentence, Allegedly Enticed Minor for Sex

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Disney Employee Ruins Engagement at Park, Snatches Ring Mid-Proposal

Play video content Disney apparently hates love … is what a lot of people are saying after seeing this — one of their employees playing super cop at a park over a proposal that was almost...

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A New Daredevil Series is In the Works at Streaming Platform Disney+

A new Daredevil series is in the works at Disney+. Variety is reporting that a series is in development from Covert Affairs creators Matt Corman and Chris Ord. Rumors have been happening for a while...

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Employees Say Disney Censors Same Sex Affection In Pixar Movies

LGBTQ+ employees of Pixar are alleging Disney executives demanded cuts of same-sex affection in films. Variety reports the employees wrote a statement saying the executives wanted to cut “nearly every...

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Disney Halts Movie Releases In Russia, Offers Aide To Ukraine

Disney is blocking its movies in Russia. The Walt Disney Company is pausing the theatrical release of its films in Russia. In a statement Monday, Disney it made the move given the “unprovoked invasion...

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Disney is the illuminati, baby! Epstein associate gives money to QAnon GOP

You know how those Canadian truckers are fighting for American freedom … in Canada? If you don’t, here’s a summation: A convoy of anti-vaxxers in trucks calling themselves the “freedom convoy”...