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Ceaser Emanuel Investigated by Animal Services and Cops for Dog Abuse Video

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Jimmy Fallon Devours Hot Dog After Dipping In Beer At Rangers Game

Jimmy Fallon did his best Joey Chestnut impression during last night’s Rangers playoff game in NYC  … the late-night talk show host dunked his hot dog — bun and all — in his beer...


Dog Escapes From Baggage Handlers on Airport Tarmac

Play video content ViralHog One little pup became the cause of a big headache for some airport employees … getting loose and making the tarmac his own personal dog park. The great escape happened...


Sam Elliott Apologizes to LGBT Community for ‘Power of the Dog’ Comments

Sam Elliott is backing down from his harsh take on the Oscar-winning movie “The Power of the Dog” — words many considered homophobic … something that isn’t lost on the guy....


Lady Gaga’s Dog Walker Testifies He Hit Attackers with Champagne Bottle in Struggle

Lady Gaga‘s dog walker gave graphic testimony in the case of the dognappers who attacked and shot him, saying he’s still having significant medical struggles months after the incident. Ryan...


‘Gay’ Dog Adopted by Gay Couple in North Carolina, Changing Name

The so-called “gay” dog that was given up by its owners over perceived homosexual behavior now has a new home — and that pad is very LGBTQ-friendly … as is his new name! North...

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Biden Claims He Dumped a Dead Dog on Republican Voter’s Doorstep

Democrat President Joe Biden has made a stunning claim that he once dumped a dead dog on the doorstep of a Republican voter while serving on a county council in Delaware. Biden made the shocking admission...

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The Source Magazine Reported BX Rapper Tim Dog Dead 9 Years Ago

Just a year short of a decade ago, we received an early morning phone call that BX rapper Timothy “Tim Dog” Blair, who gained fame from his East Coast vs. West Coast shot “Fuck Compton”, died...


Action Bronson Signs Hot Dog for Fan

Play video content TMZ.com Action Bronson added his signature to another random food item, but this time it wasn’t a pizza crust … it was an L.A. street hot dog!!! Ya gotta see the video...


Betty White Birthday Challenge Raises Thousands, Dog Gets Life Saving Surgery

The Betty White Challenge raised tens of thousands of dollars for animals in need — and probably even more — and one dog, in particular, is getting the ultimate benefit … a new lease on...


Jas Leverette Responds to Viral Video of Trainer Slamming Dog in Texas

Play video content TMZ.com The lead trainer from “Canine Intervention” is absolutely pissed about that disturbing viral video of a trainer in Texas abusing a dog, and says there’s no...


Betty White Mural Encourages Dog Rescue Donations

There’s a new tribute to Betty White in town, but this one isn’t just about honoring Betty … it’s about promoting the cause closest to her heart. Corie Mattie is responsible for...


Shawn Mendes and Camila Cabello Spotted Together Walking Dog

Shawn Mendes and Camila Cabello are either back together, or they’re just really good co-parents to their furry son … cuz the trio were just spotted walking in Miami. The (seemingly) former...


Dog Dies on Southwest Flight, Family Blaming Airline

A Southwest passenger says the airline is at fault after her dog wasn’t able to breathe in his carrier and suffered a tragic death during a flight. The 3-year-old French bulldog, named Charlie, was...


Dead Dog Found in LAX Trash Bin

Cops at LAX are working a sad and gruesome case — a dead dog was found there, and someone seems to have dumped the poor pup’s lifeless body in a trash can … TMZ has learned. The horrific...


National Dog Show Champion Has Won Back-to-Back Titles

Play video content NBC Sports History repeated itself on Turkey Day, when a pooch snagged back-to-back championship titles at the National Dog Show. Her name is Claire — a Scottish Deerhound —...


Brian Laundrie Case: Gun Found Where Dog The Bounty Hunter Was Searching

Does anyone else feel like this case should have been exceedingly simple? And yet somehow, be it through poor judgment, lack of cooperation with law enforcement, or mismanagement of resources, the knot...

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CNN Totally Melts Down – Claims Republicans Won in Virginia Due to Racist ‘Dog Whistles’

CNN hacks have no way to interpret the red wave last night in Virginia other than to call it racism.  It’s what they do. Last night hosts on CNN had a meltdown and claimed the main reason for the...