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D.L. Hughley Says Donald Trump Belongs in Jail Over Insurrection

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Donald Trump Fought Secret Service to Lead Rioters to Capitol

Donald Trump was not only in on the January 6th insurrection, he wanted to lead the insurrectionists to the Capitol, and when the Secret Service refused to drive him there, Trump tried to grab the wheel...

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Kayne West Signs Super Bowl Champ Aaron Donald To DONDA Sports

Kanye West just added another NFL champion to his DONDA sports agency roster. Ye started DONDA Sports by partnering with Super Bowl wide-receiver Antonio Brown, and for his latest addition, he signed...

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Super Bowl Champ Aaron Donald Signs With Kanye West’s Donda Sports

Super Bowl champion Aaron Donald announces on the ‘I AM ATHLETE’ podcast he has signed with Kanye West’s Donda Sports. Source: Mark Brown / Getty If anyone is having a great year, it’s Aaron...


Aaron Donald Signed W/ Kanye’s Donda Sports, Cleat Collab Coming?!

Kanye West signed one of the greatest football players of all-time, Aaron Donald, to Donda Sports … and the 7x All-Pro says a cleat collab could be on the way! The 3x NFL Defensive Player of the...

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Joe Biden Trolls Donald Trump, Jokes About “Let’s Go Brandon” At Correspondents’ Dinner

Joe Biden trolled Donald Trump and joked about the phrase “Let’s go Brandon,” during his speech at the White House Correspondents’ Dinner. President Joe Biden spoke at the White...

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Donald Trump Brags About Being “The Most Honest Human Being God Has Ever Created”

Donald Trump claimed to be the “most honest human being” ever created on Saturday. Former President Donald Trump claimed to be the “most honest human being that God has ever...

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Donald Glover’s Interview With Himself But Why Mention Black Women???

Let me just start by saying that as an Atlanta-area resident and a fan of odd-and-artsy-but-clever-and-stylish programming, I love the show Atlanta. It’s brilliant, as is its creator, Donald Gover. That...


Donald Glover Says Malia Obama Can Do Anything, After Hiring Her As A Writer

Play video content TMZ.com When it comes to being successful, Malia Obama can do pretty much anything … at least, according to Writer/Actor/Rapper Donald Glover … who hired her for his latest...


Andrew Whitworth Says Aaron Donald Isn’t Retiring, ‘He’ll Be Back’

Play video content TMZSports.com Breathe easy, Rams fans … Aaron Donald isn’t retiring, so says his former L.A. teammate Andrew Whitworth, who tells TMZ Sports A.D. ain’t going anywhere...

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Kodak Black Meets Donald Trump For First Time After Commutation

Kodak Black came face to face with Donald Trump. The “Super Gremlin” rapper met with the former president for the first time since Trump commuted his sentence in the final hours of his presidency last...


Donald Trump Given $75K Rolex from SteveWillDoIt After Nelk Boys Interview

The Nelk Boys’ SteveWillDoIt gave former President Donald Trump a sweet thank you gift following their recent podcast collab — an iced-up Rolex, worth $75K! Sources with direct knowledge tell...

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Bill Barr Burns Bridge With Trump In New Book: “Donald Trump has neither the temperament nor persuasive powers to provide the kind of positive leadership needed”

Former Attorney General Bill Barr has a new book coming out soon and former President Donald Trump will not be happy with it. Trump has yet to fire back at Barr but you can expect a response after Barr...

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‘I am conducting a criminal investigation of former President Donald J. Trump’

She wrote:  ”You are likely aware that I am conducting a criminal investigation of former President Donald J. Trump and his associates regarding alleged attempts to improperly influence the...

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Anti-science gathering in Washington D.C. is the legacy of Donald Trump’s miracle cure promises

As NBC News reports, this weekend has been marked out for a anti-vaccine protest in Washington. That, of course, includes an featured role by Robert Kennedy Jr., who is currently suing Daily Kos in the...

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NPR interview shows an agitated, delusional Donald Trump

Inskeep asked if Republican Sen. Mike Rounds is right to say that insisting the 2020 election was stolen will dissuade Republicans from voting in future elections. Obviously, Trump did not agree. “No, I...

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Mark Meadows calls Mark Meadows a liar rather than disagree with Donald Trump

x Newsmax anchor Rob Schmitt: “I believe the president said it’s fake news. What’s the story here?” Mark Meadows: “Well, the president’s right, it’s fake...

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Meek Mill Condemns “The System” Following Kyle Rittenhouse’s Meeting With Donald Trump

Meek told his followers to pay attention. In the days since a Kenosha, Wisconsin jury found Kyle Rittenhouse not guilty of any charges leveled against him after he admittedly shot and killed two people...

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Alleged Waukesha Suspect Was Recently Released on Bond – Rapped about ‘F**k Donald Trump and F**k Pigs’

Waukesha suspect Darrell Brooks from Milwaukee Multiple people were killed and injured after a person driving an SUV plowed through a Christmas parade in Waukesha, Wisconsin on Sunday evening. There are...


‘Maybe He Loaded It’: Donald Trump Shockingly Suggests ‘Nutjob’ Alec Baldwin Intentionally Killed Cinematographer

Well, if you were curious what the most disgusting take on the horrible Rust movie-set shooting is, look no further than our former Commander-in-Chief. As you probably know, on October 21, Alec Baldwin...