FTN Bae was arrested, earlier this week, for allegedly stalking and harassing Doodie Lo, who she claims sexually assaulted her 5-year-old son. 

The Shade Room shared a letter addressed to lawyer Ariel E. Mitchell on their Instagram page, Saturday.

“It is my understanding that Ms. Elder has alleged the results of Mr. Saulsberry’s assessment were the product of some kind of bribe, either monetary or other material compensation, or that the procedure administered to him was different than that she experienced. None of these allegations are true, nor do they have any basis in reality,” the letter reads.

The letter continues: “The results of both assessments were based on the physiological data collected and were not the product of any other promises and/or compensation. Both Ms. Elder and Mr. Sulsberry paid the appropriate fee for her/his assessment in advance as clients are told ‘NO ONE buys a test.’”

FTN Bae originally accused Doodie Lo of sexually assaulting her child with a screw, back in October 2021. After apologizing, she has since reaffirmed her position as recently as earlier this week on Instagram. 

Check out FTN Bae’s recent post about the situation below.