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Katy Perry Dragged for 4th of July Abortion Tweet Due to Caruso Support

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Jodie Turner-Smith Was Dragged For Tweet About Will Smith’s Oscars Outburst

Welp. Source: Jeff Kravitz / Getty Everyone and their mamas had an opinion about what happened when Will Smith decided to enter the Oscars stage and slap Chris Rock in the face after making a joke at his...


Lindsey Graham Dragged by Navy SEAL Who Assassinated bin Laden

Play video content TMZ.com Lindsey Graham is getting dragged for saying someone in Russia should murder Putin, and by a person that knows a lot about the subject — the Navy SEAL who shot and killed...

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Deelishis Blasted Raymond Santana For Cheating & Got Dragged

Source: Getty / Getty There appears to be trouble in paradise between married stars Deelishis, birth name Chandra Davis a.k.a. London Charles, and her husband Raymond Santana, famous for being part of the...

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Julia Fox Got Dragged Over Filth-Infested Snow Pile Photos For ‘The Cut’

She’s NYC’s ‘#1 Hustler. Source: Astrid Stawiarz / Getty Julia Fox wants everyone to know she out-foxed the media with her quickie Kanye relationship. The Uncut Gems actress confirmed the split on...

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Republican coup plot nearly dragged in NSA; Iowa Republicans want to spy on your kids

Sen. Ron Johnson was told of the plan to commandeer ‘raw’ NSA data on Americans in the hunt for a pretext to erase Trump’s election loss. In the news today: There seem to be few parts...


Kim Kardashian Dragged for Spoiling Ending of ‘Spider-Man: No Way Home’

Kim Kardashian is getting dragged for ruining the ending of the new, “Spider-Man: No Way Home” flick. Seems Kim was ensconced in her Hidden Hills home theatre Monday night watching the 3rd...


Jeff Bezos ‘Heartbroken’ Over Amazon Tornado Deaths, Dragged for Delay

Jeff Bezos did some damage control Saturday night, saying he was “heartbroken” over the tragedy at one of his Amazon plants, where at least 6 people died as a tornado ripped through the...