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Jayana Tanae Web, AKA ‘Best Drunk Driver’ In Tweets, Kills Three in DWI


Source: Philadelphia Police Department / Jayana Tanae Webb

CBS 3 reports that Jayana Tanae Webb, 21, was arrested after allegedly mowing down two state troopers, Branden Sisca, 29, and Martin Mack III, 33, along with pedestrian Reyes Rivera Oliveras, 28, Monday night in Philadelphia as they walked on the shoulder of I-95.

Sources close to the investigation say the troopers reportedly pulled Webb over just minutes before the crash but received a distress call about a person on the interstate.

Drunk Driver Bragging About Drunk Driving In Tweets Charged With DWI Killing Of State Troopers & Pedestrian

She’s now charged with three third-degree murder counts, homicide by vehicle, and a battery of DUI-related charges for her role in the three deaths, state police said.

To make matters worse for the young woman, Webb’s resurfaced tweets reveal she recently boasted to her Twitter followers she was the “best-drunk driver ever.”

The deadly crash unfolded after the two Troopers were dispatched to assist a man walking on the southbound highway near 12:45 a.m. Monday. As Mack and Sisca were trying to detain the man, Webb attempted to pass the parked state police SUV while driving high speed, fatally striking all three men.

Reportedly all three mean were giving CPR and unresponsive. Webb was found at the scene pulled over when help arrived, police said. She was taken into custody wearing the two pairs of handcuffs of the Troopers she allegedly killed.

Jayana Tanae Webb Admitted To Being Drunk During Her Arraignment

Webb allegedly wept while burying her face in her sweatshirt as she was arraigned on 18 felony counts, including two counts of the manslaughter of a law enforcement officer. During the arraignment Tuesday, Webb admitted at the crash site to drinking earlier that night.

Both Troopers reportedly left behind wives and kids. According to reports, Mack had two children, and Sisca’s widow is pregnant.

Earlier this year, the suspect had taken to Twitter to brag about her affinity for alcohol.

“Not me getting in at 8 am drunk,” she tweeted on February 18.

Webb is currently in custody, awaiting a preliminary hearing on April 5th.


SMH. Just tragic all around.

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