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Mexican Drug Cartel To Pay $4.6B Over 2019 Mormon Family Slayings

A United States judge has ordered a Mexican Drug Cartel to pay over $4 Billion over 2019 Mormon family desert slayings.


In 2019, a three-vehicle caravan that included three women, a 2-year-old, 8-month-old twins, and three other children was ambushed by a Mexican drug cartel. Of the caravan, 7 children survived the attack with 5 of them shot in total. The children were forced to brave the desert heat to find help while the others burned alive after the caravan was set ablaze. Since then, the families have accused the cartel of targeting them for their public criticism of the drug trade. In 2020, the families filed a suit against the cartel for the desert attack.

U.S. Judge Orders Mexican Drug Cartel To Pay $4.6 Billion To Mormon Families Over 2019 Desert Attack

According to The Bismarck Tribune, North Dakota federal magistrate Judge Clare Hochalter issued an enormous settlement against the Juarez cartel, which allegedly killed the members of the Mormon community roughly 90 miles south of the U.S. border during the slaying. Thanks to the federal Anti-Terrorism Act, Hochalter’s $1.5 billion ruling will be automatically tripled, bringing the total to $4.5 billion for the wrongful death suits. Some victims witnessed their family members’ murders, while other family members went to the scene after and found their loved ones deceased.

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WNBA Star Brittney Griner Pleads Guilty To Moscow Drug Charges

WNBA star Brittney Griner has pleaded guilty during her trial in Moscow.  Reuters says she entered her plea today while saying she “didn’t want to break the law.”  The guilty plea aids as a...


Lone Star’ Actor Tyler Sanders Death Treated as Apparent Drug Overdose

Tyler Sanders‘ death is being treated as a suspected overdose … sources connected to the death investigation tell TMZ. We’re told Tyler, who had roles in big shows like “9-1-1:...


Cops Suspect Master P’s Daughter Died from Drug Overdose

Master P‘s family is grieving the loss of his daughter, Tytyana Miller, and cops are working to determine exactly how she died, with initial evidence suggesting it was an overdose. Law enforcement...


Bam Margera Completes One Year Drug and Alcohol Treatment Program

Bam Margera just reached a major milestone … completing a 12-month treatment program for drug and alcohol abuse. The ‘Jackass’ star tells TMZ … he just finished the year-long...

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Mac Miller Drug Dealer Sentenced to 17.5 Years in Prison

A drug dealer convicted in the fatal fentanyl overdose of Mac Miller has been sentenced. Stephen Walter, 49, received 17-and-a-half years in federal prison on Monday after pleading guilty to distributing...

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Casanova Pleads Guilty to Racketeering Conspiracy, Drug Charges

Casanova has pleaded guilty in his federal racketeering case. The Brooklyn rapper, whose real name is Caswell Senior, admitted to shooting someone at a party in Florida in July 2020 over a gambling...


Killer Mike Says Drug Offenders Given Clemency Deserve to Sell Again Legally

Play video content TMZ.com Killer Mike says giving scores of nonviolent drug offenders clemency is a great first step — but suggests what we should do next is … let them sling again, on the up...


Coachella Weekend 1 Arrests Up Since 2019, Drug & Alcohol Busts

Weekend 1 of Coachella 2022 is in the books — and after a 2-year hiatus, it seems folks were itching to land in some trouble with the law … turns out, arrests were up! The Indio Police Dept....


Mac Miller’s Drug Dealer Sentenced to 11 Years in Prison

One of the drug dealers who supplied fentanyl-laced pills to Mac Miller just received his sentence after copping a plea last year — and he’s going to prison for a long time. Ryan Reavis will...

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Lil Bo Weep Has Passed Away, Father Cites “Depression, Trauma, PTSD, & Drug Addiction”

The 22-year-old rapper and singer was an artist on the rise with substantial followings on YouTube, TikTok, and Instagram. Tragic news has been shared by relatives of Australian rapper and singer Lil Bo...

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Brittney Griner Detained By Russia For 3 Weeks After Drug Arrest At Airport

Get home soon, sis! Source: Christian Petersen / Getty If the recent invasion of Ukraine wasn’t terrifying enough for the thousands of Black refugees caught in the middle, the New York Times reported...


WNBA Star Brittney Griner Reportedly Detained In Russia On Drug Charge, Could Face 10 Yrs

Brittney Griner, WNBA superstar and 2x Olympic gold medalist, was reportedly detained in Russia after customs officials say they found hashish oil in the hoopers luggage … and she could now face 10...


Angus Cloud Defends ‘Euphoria,’ Says it Doesn’t Glorify Drug Abuse

Play video content TMZ.com “Euphoria” star Angus Cloud says his show doesn’t glorify substance abuse, and insists drugs are not something to take lightly. We got Angus Thursday leaving...

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The Source |Ex-NFL Lineman Arrested On Felony Drug Charges, Street Value Worth Over $120K

According to a public report from the Thibodaux, LA Police Department, former NFL lineman Greg Robinson was arrested and charged with eight drug-related felonies after being caught with distributive...


Jussie Smollett May Have Scored with Jury Over Osundairo Drug Testimony

The prosecution’s star witnesses in the Jussie Smollett trial may have a credibility problem with one of the Osundairo brothers … over supplying Jussie with drugs. Abimbola ‘Bola’...

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Mac Miller Overdose: Alleged Drug Dealer Arrested

Getty Image Today, the Drug Enforcement Agency arrested a 23-year-old Hollywood Hills resident named Cameron Pettit for allegedly selling Mac Miller counterfeit pills laced with fentanyl before his death...