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Adam Duvall might just be the most underrated Brave

When people talk about the talented Braves, they focus on Freddie Freeman, Ronald Acuna, Ozzie Albies, Austin Riley, and even Dansby Swanson. Still, they rarely will you ever hear them talk about Adam Duvall, which is a shame because he’s really one of the most underrated players in the game.

Last year, Duvall led the National League in RBIs while smacking 38 homers and earning Gold Glove honors in the outfield, and this isn’t anything new either. Since 2016, Duvall has been one of just six players with 125+ homers and 50+ DRS, and he’s joined by some pretty elite company.

Now, this isn’t me saying Duvall is as good or better than anyone on that list — he isn’t. However, this is why there was likely no hesitation in tendering him a contract this offseason. Duvall is projected to earn $9.1 million in arbitration. The Braves would probably like to avoid that scenario, but either way, he will be well worth the money they pay him. This guy has proven to be a borderline All-Star caliber player over the years, and he’s a huge reason why the Braves have had so much success over the last couple of seasons.



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