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News Roundup: Manchin's egomania might be insurmountable; parliamentarian shmentarian

Hello Friday, folks! The weekend is here. If you need to do last-minute shopping for holiday events, make sure you wear a mask and wash your hands! The only time I ever hope that there is a hell is when I think about rich people like Sen. Joe Manchin whose self-absorbed cynicism is so grotesque that they are willing to allow children to slip into poverty to service their ego. Oh, and millionaire insider trader David Perdue is back.

Here are some of the things you may have missed:

  • Manchin’s latest massive blow to Build Back Better shows him for the bumbling egomaniac he is
  • ‘I’m afraid,’ mother says as expanded child tax credit looks likely to lapse
  • Georgia GOP lawmakers urged Perdue to avoid divisive primary against Kemp. It didn’t go well
  • Watchdog group says newfound docs about Kanye West’s 2020 run show he was likely a ‘GOP plant’
  • White House slams parliamentarian’s ‘deeply disappointing’ opinion as calls to overrule her grow
  • Republican Party may inexplicably spend more than 1 million dollars on Trump’s legal bills​​​​​​​
  • Roger Stone begs for money to help him plead the Fifth

From the Daily Kos community:

  • Mitt Romney: Why Is Liz Cheney a “Better Man” than You?​​​​​​​
  • Boris Johnson suffers massive by-election upset​​​​​​​

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