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Barry Bonds Not Elected Into MLB Hall Of Fame, David Ortiz Gets In First Ballot

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No Democrat who supports the filibuster should ever be elected to the Senate again

That consensus is evident in fundraising appeals from candidates for whom support of the filibuster would previously have been an accepted and not especially controversial fact, such as Rep.Tim Ryan,...

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Meet Shahana Hanif, the first Muslim woman elected to New York City Council

Here’s what we asked. How did your upbringing as a Bangladeshi American Muslim impact, if at all, your decision to enter politics? I was born and raised in Kensington, the largest working-class...

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Black Lives Matter Activist Elected to Des Moines City Council, Says She Wants to Defund Police

Indira Sheumaker A Black Lives Matter activist who wants to defund the police was elected to the Des Moines City Council on Tuesday. The Des Moines Black Liberation Movement activist, Indira Sheumaker,...

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Republican Elected City Attorney In Deep Blue Seattle

The elections this week were full of surprises and Republicans won races all over the place. In blue Seattle, a Republican woman named Ann Davison was elected city attorney. This is a city where police...