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Justice Clarence Thomas’s Wife Virginia Texted Trump Chief of Staff to Overturn Election

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GOP Flips Seat In Florida Special Election In District Joe Biden Won In Bad Sign For Dem Party

Republican Nick Howland put the Dems on notice after he flipped a Jacksonville, Florida, city council seat in a heavy Democrat district that swung for President Biden in 2020 in a special election last...

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Naismith Memorial Basketball Hall of Fame Announces Finalists for Class of 2022 Election

Six amazing players, four exceptional coaches, and one world-class referee have been named finalists by the Naismith Memorial Basketball Hall of Fame’s North American and Women’s committees to be...

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A third Colorado Republican election official under investigation for security breach

The secretary of state’s office is asking for Klotz to answer a few questions about this apparent breach of security protocol, questions that might expose how much of a security breach Klotz...

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Trump tried to seize voting machines; Michigan candidates back election sabotage

Trump’s violent ‘march’ on Congress was the last ploy after weeks of failed attempts to seize machines, ‘find’ votes, invalidate electors, or convince Mike Pence to declare...

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Trump says goal was to ‘overturn’ election; DA asks for FBI help after Trump threats

Trump said Pence had the power to ‘overturn’ Biden’s win on Jan. 6. The Constitution gives Pence no such thing. In the news today: Shortly after promising pardons against those who...


Bill Maher Says Obama and Biden Must Marry Each Other to Win 2024 Election

Bill Maher is back!!! And boy, this one’s a doozy … a plan for Democrats to stay in power after the 2024 election … and it involves Joe Biden, Barack Obama and gay marriage. This is...

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Overturning election results would be easy for Republicans if these Big Lie boosters win in 2022

In Arizona, state Rep. Mark Finchem has Trump’s endorsement for secretary of state. Finchem was on the grounds of the Capitol (but not, he says, inside) on Jan. 6, and has appeared at a QAnon...

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Trump aide at center of infamous meeting between Georgia election worker and Kanye West’s PR person

“Since November 15 [2020], I have not worked in an official capacity with the campaign. I have not spoken with anybody with the campaign in an official capacity,” Floyd said. “The only conversations...

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Milwaukee prepares for 2022 special election to succeed its longtime mayor

Common Council President Cavalier Johnson will become acting mayor once Barrett leaves, which will make him the second African American to serve as mayor of Wisconsin’s largest city; the first was...

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MyPillow guy says he’s spent $25 million trying to prove Trump won the election Trump lost

It isn’t hard to believe that Lindell has spent a lot of money, but where exactly that money is being spent, and how much he has been able to pull in via “fundraising” for the big lie conspiracy...

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Former Houston cop faces 20 years in prison for driving man off the road due to election conspiracy

Harris County District Attorney Kim Ogg told reporters that they are still looking for another suspect, which is in part why it took a year for an indictment to come down. “We’ve been...

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Georgia election workers sue Gateway Pundit over false accusations of election fraud

Freeman and Moss accuse Hoft and his twin brother Joe of orchestrating “a campaign of lies” that triggered a vicious campaign of “intimidation, harassment and threats.” As NBC News reports, the...


Former Atlanta Mayor Kasim Reed Says T.I. Didn’t Cost Felicia Moore Election

Play video content TMZ.com Atlanta voters weren’t swayed by T.I. and Isaac Hayes III spreading fake news about mayoral candidate Felicia Moore and strip clubs — according to one of the...


ATL Mayoral Candidate Says T.I., Isaac Hayes III’s Fake News Hurt Election Chances

T.I. and Isaac Hayes III might have helped to end Felicia Moore‘s shot at being Atlanta’s next mayor by spreading fake news … at least according to the candidate herself. Moore, who just...

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Michigan anti-vaxxer, election canvasser, and Big Lie proponent is dead from COVID-19

The Michigan GOP received word of Hartmann’s death Tuesday, said Gustavo Portela, communications director for the party. Prominent Michigan Republicans posted memories of Hartmann and had been...

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Is Andre Dickens the progressive in Atlanta’s mayoral runoff election?

Andre DickensPhotograph by Paras Griffin/Getty Images for ESSENCE With the November 30 runoff just days away, mayoral candidates Felicia Moore and Andre Dickens are busy trying to distinguish...

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The Clayton Crescent made headlines for its 2020 election coverage. Without funding, it’s days away from shutting down.

A line of supporters wait outside of a campaign event for future senators Raphael Warnock and Jon Ossoff in Jonesboro last November. Clayton County drew international attention when its vote tally turned...

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MSNBC Hack Calls Steve Bannon a “Gladiator for Fascism” Who Wants “To Write His Mein Kampf in Prison” Because he Supports Election Integrity

MSNBC hack Malcolm Nance called former Trump Chief Strategist a “gladiator for fascism” who wants “to write his Mein Kampf in prison.” Malcolm Nance spewed this hateful garbage at Bannon this...

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Senator Rick Scott Says He Will Support Turncoat Republican Lisa Murkowski in 2022 Senate Election

The Republican establishment really doesn’t like its base.  The largest base in US history. We saw it on Election Night 2020.  The Republican Party turned and ran away as President Trump received the...

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Dem Governor Admits Wife Dropped Off Ballot — “Illegal Under The Election Code”

Pennsylvania Governor Tom Wolf(D) admitted during a recent interview with KDKA radio that he had his wife drop off his mail-in ballot for him. Wolf claims “it was an honest mistake.” Just The News...