The most wonderful time of year is quickly approaching, and this season, one lucky Elf fan will get to celebrate the holidays the right way – dressed in full, original Buddy the Elf regalia, right down to his silly little shoes. According to TMZ, the famous film costume just fetched nearly $300,000 at a Hollywood memorabilia auction.

The sale is being hosted by Prop Store, as they’re currently in the midst of selling some of the most iconic film and TV props that have ever graced the big (and small) screen. Ferrell’s outfit was expected to fetch an estimated $27,600 – $41,000, but wound up beating projections by a landslide. The winning bidder paid a whopping $296,702.66 to take home the prize.

If that number doesn’t have you gasping in horror, wait until you hear how much someone paid for the Wilson volleyball used in Castaway, starring Tom Hanks – $388,750. Talk about big spender!

Other amazing pieces listed include Freddy Kruger’s razor finger glove from A Nightmare On Elm Street 3: Dream Warriors, Michael Myers’ mask from Halloween: Resurrection, Val Kilmer’s Batman Forever costume from 1995, a Gryffindor robe from Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 2, as well as Toby Maguire’s production made Spider-Man 3 costume that dates back to 2007.

One thousand unique items are a part of Prop Store’s auction, which, rumour has it, could bring in an estimated $7,600,000. If everything included sells for higher than anticipated like Buddy’s costume did, it won’t take long for that goal to be reached.

Speaking of Elf, we recently shared a story explaining why Ferrell turned down a $29 million pay check to make a sequel, which you can read here.