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Ceaser Emanuel Investigated by Animal Services and Cops for Dog Abuse Video

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‘Black Ink Crew’ Star Ceaser Emanuel Claims He Didn’t Abuse Dogs, Was Set Up

Play video content TMZ.com “Black Ink Crew” star Ceaser Emanuel wants to set the record straight about the viral video of him abusing his dog, and he’s claiming someone set him up....

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Ceaser Emanuel Accused Of Animal Abuse After Disturbing Video Surfaces

His former friend and “Black Ink” employee Donna Lombardi called him out and says “charges need to be pressed.” A prominent Black Ink Crew figure is back in the headlines, and on...


WME Exec Ari Emanuel Married by Larry David, Celeb Pals in Attendance

It pays to have friends in high places — just ask Ari Emanuel, who got a gaggle of celebs to flock out to the South of France for his wedding … with Larry David doing the honors! The...

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adidas and Eric Emanuel Team for Streetwear Line for McDonald’s All-American Games

McDonald’s and adidas have just released their newest line of All American Games attire, which includes snap trousers, shorts, graphic tees, hoodies, and more, all created by Eric Emanuel and showcasing...