Reality television helped Stevie J become a certified member of the “Creep Squad,” but the producer had already developed a reputation as a hitmaker. His affiliations with Bad Boy Records would materialize into chart-topping tracks with some of our favorite rappers, but when he emerged on Love & Hip Hop, his romantic involvements trumped anything he’d ever produced in the studio.

Stevie J has been a part of several seasons of the popular VH1 franchise and even had a spin-off of his own, but his womanizing often took center stage. Just recently, during an on-camera interview with a woman, Stevie was laying down in bed and asked another unidentified woman off-camera if she would perform oral sex on him. He received criticism for a variety of reasons, including that he is currently married to Faith Evans.

The world will, yet again, gain insight into the mind and career of Stevie J thanks to TV One’s Uncensored. Recently, Stevie explained how his upbringing contributed to his disregard for women’s feelings. He stated that the strained relationship he had with his mother was at fault, especially because, as he explained, she abandoned him.

“Can’t get a hug from mom and all that,” he shared with HipHopDX. “I guess it’s all relative. To me, I didn’t see my father with a whole bunch of women. I probably seen him when I was growing up with like, four women. It wasn’t like he was some playboy or something. But me growing without my mother… there’s just no excuse or anything. It’s just how I am. It made me who I am. I just didn’t care about the emotions of a woman.”

Check out a few clips from Stevie J’s episode of Uncensored below.