Johnny Manziel’s NFL and CFL playing days are pretty well over, however, he has been able to explore opportunities in other alternative leagues. For example, just last year, Manziel found himself as a member of the Zappers which is a team in the FCF, otherwise known as Fan-Controlled Football. This is a league that puts the play-calling in the hands of the fans, and Manziel had himself a pretty solid first year in the league.

Manziel wasn’t originally going to play this year, however, after comedian Druski bought his own team, Manziel decided to come back and play for him. According to TMZ, Manziel loves the FCF because he can do it part-time, all while partaking in a more laid back and fun experience. 

Wesley Hitt/AAF/Getty Images

“The FCF has given me an opportunity to coach some of these younger guys, a chance to get around the business side, a chance to have ownership in a football league and still be around the game in some sort,” Manziel said. “For me, the FCF is been intriguing in that right because I don’t have to do it as a full-time job and it’s something different for me than it was in the past.”

It remains to be seen if this will lead to a professional opportunity for Manziel, although at this point, it seems like he is happy with where his life is at right now.