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Eric Holder Jr. convicted of first degree murder of Nipsey Hussle

Source: Genaro Molina / Getty

Nipsey Hussle was killed 3 years ago and every day since then, his wife, his children, his family, his friends, and fans have been anchored to some level of grieving. A loss like his was not only unexpected, it was damaging to the fabric of the culture and the community that he was deeply invested in reinvigorating. Today, some semblance of justice was reached…

Eric Holder Jr. Found Guilty Of First Degree Murder Of Nipsey Hussle

After getting his a** whopped last week by some righteous-yet-incarcerated gentlemen, the man who killed the man born Ermias Joseph Asghedom, Eric Holder Jr., has been found guilty of first degree murder and 2 counts of attempted voluntary manslaughter for the two other men shot at the scene.

According to NPR, the jury only took six hours of deliberation on the verdict. Holder reportedly had no reaction when it was read. There was so much evidence against Holder including security cameras, eye witnesses, cell phone cameras, and more that his lawyer didn’t even attempt to suggest that he wasn’t the man everyone knew that he was.

For those who are unaware or forgot, Nipsey told Holder that people in the streets had labeled him a snitch and federal informant. This accusation was never confirmed but the fact that Holder killed Nip over the conversation speaks for itself.

We hope he spends the entirety of his pending sentence in general population so the boys can get their hands on him again.


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Nipsey Hussle’s Killer Eric Holder Found Guilty of Murder

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