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“Chasing Ghislaine” Documenatry Examines Maxwell’s Troubled Relationship With Jeffrey Epstein

The tale of Ghislaine Maxwell is a troubled one, which dates back to her childhood. The English socialite is the daughter of Betty and Robert Maxwell, a powerful UK media mogul and alleged Mossad spy who was raised in a poor family in Czechoslovakia. In a new documentary, Chasing Ghislaine, the 59-year-old’s relationship with her father, as well as with Jeffrey Epstein is closely examined. 

As you may recall, the younger Maxwell was locked up in a Brooklyn jail after being arrested in the summer of 2020. The New York Post reports that she currently stands accused in an eight-count indictment of “procuring underage girls for Epstein to sexually abuse from 1994 to 2004.”

The Maisons-Laffitte-born woman was introduced to Epstein by her father, who has been described as “ruthless,” and “a monster.” Ghislaine was the youngest of nine, and appeared to be a favourite of Robert’s (he even named his 190-foot-long yacht “Lady Ghislaine” in her honour), and she looked at him just a lovingly.

“Ghislaine was his darling,” biographer Martin Dillon explains in the Discovery+ documentary. “A lot of girls love their fathers, even though they’re villains. And he was a villain.”

When she was just 29 yeas old, the disgraced star’s father died under mysterious circumstances while yachting in the Canary Islands back in 1991. Ghislaine was left devastated, and from the sounds of the new release, let her “daddy issues” out in her relationship with Epstein. The late financier reportedly once brought a young woman into his East Side office, and when Maxwell saw, she looked the other way.

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“You really don’t have to put up with this,” a friend said to her afterwards, to which she responded, “yes, I do. My father taught me you do whatever it takes to keep your man.”

Syrian banker Amer Pacha, who gave an interview for Chasing Ghislaine shared his theory that Robert wanted to see his daughter and Jeffrey get together. “I think Robert wanted him as a son-in-law,” also adding that Epstein had become known for money laundering back in the ‘80s.

“It was clear she was besotted and in love with [Jeffrey], but it’s not at all clear to me or my sources that he was ever in love or besotted with Ghislaine,” journalist Vicky Ward told The Post. Epstein allegedly killed himself back in 2019 while locked up inside the Metropolitan Correctional Facility while facing dozens of accusations of sexual abuse.

Maxwell, on the other hand, is set to begin trial on Monday, November 29th. Check back in with HNHH next week for any updates regarding her case.


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