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Jury deliberations begin in trial of Kim Potter, ex-Brooklyn Center cop who killed Daunte Wright


Eldridge played frame-by-frame footage of the shooting, zeroing in on the bullet casing that hit Officer Anthony Luckey in the face and noting that Sgt. Mychal Johnson, who had been called for backup, was essentially in the “line of fire” when Wright was shot. Luckey, who was a trainee under the supervision of Potter, was the person who ultimately chose to pull over Wright for minor infractions. Potter has repeatedly admitted she wouldn’t have done the same thing were it just her on the scene.

Attorney Earl Gray began his closing arguments after a 20-minute break. Gray, who is representing Potter, attempted to demonize Wright and his girlfriend, Alayna Albrecht-Payton, who was in the car at the time of the shooting. He claimed the two were late risers, impaired, and that Wright ultimately caused his own death. Gray repeatedly stressed the moral character of Potter, who he described as “peaceful” and “not a bully.” He claimed her shooting Wright was ultimately a tragic accident that only happened because Wright decided to try fleeing from police.

Prosecutor Matthew Frank delivered the state’s rebuttal, zeroing in on the fact that Potter did not believe that use of deadly force was necessary and even refused to back up Johnson’s claim that firing her gun was necessary. Johnson had previously said he could’ve been killed had Wright been able to successfully drive away. Alternate jurors were eventually dismissed and the jury of six men and six women left the courtroom after Judge Regina Chu amended a jury instruction and laid out additional details about the process, including the fact that a laptop containing audio and video of exhibits from the trial will be made available to jurors. They are expected to deliberate until 6 PM local time before they are dismissed for the day.

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