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Logan Paul Claims Floyd Mayweather Still Hasn’t Paid Him After Exhibition

Logan Paul is almost a year removed from fighting Floyd Mayweather and claims he is still owed money from their boxing match.

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Last June, Floyd Mayweather got in the ring once again post-retirement with his most unlikely opponent: Logan Paul. While many laughed, if you have nieces or nephews, you’ve at least heard of this Paul brother boxing thing, which was already years in the making. Mix that with actually enjoying boxing and many decided to spend the money to order the pay-per-view. Plus, the undercard had a few first time celebrity boxers, so the expectation wasn’t too high for any disappointment.

To be honest, the event had great moments, especially Chad Ochocinco showing everyone just how hard boxing really is, even for an in-shape athlete. Now, the event is almost a year removed and Logan Paul is claiming Mayweather still owes him millions of dollars–and he is going to sue to get his money. Towards the end of last year, he claimed Floyd hadn’t paid him anything and Floyd’s response was simple, claiming Logan isn’t experienced enough to know it takes time for a payout.

Now, almost a year later, Logan is claiming Floyd has paid him some of the money, but not all. Logan seems to know how much his cut of the fight should be and wants the rest of his money, he told TMZ Sports.

“No, he has not paid me in full,” Logan said “That is a fact. Short a few mil. We’re taking this one to court. See you in the courtroom. Congrats on going to prison, Floyd.”

Hopefully, Logan can get his money, but it seems he’s going to have to stop saying he will sue and get Floyd into the court room to figure this out.

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