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Britney Spears Fires Security Team After Ex-Husband Crashes Wedding

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Britney Spears’ Ex-Husband Jason Alexander’s Warrant for Alleged Bracelet Theft

Britney Spears‘ first husband Jason Alexander not only sucks at wedding crashing … he’s also a horrible houseguest, who allegedly swiped jewelry from a woman who let him rent a room....


Police Rush to Britney Spears’ Wedding as Ex-Husband Jason Alexander Crashes It

Britney Spears‘ wedding was just dramatically interrupted, as her first husband, Jason Alexander, showed up trying to crash the event … resulting in a police response. Jason went live on...

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Melody Holt Talks Ignoring Ex-Husband Martell’s Petty Social Media Jabs

Source: Freddy O / FreddyO.com Our favorite Love and Marriage Huntsville stars are back with their 4th season, and this one seems to be the juiciest yet. Exclusive: Melody Holt Talks LAMH Season 4 With...


Petra Ecclestone Files to Change Last Name of 3 Kids Shared with Ex-Husband

Petra Ecclestone, the fashion designer/socialite, has filed legal docs to change the names of her 3 kids — from her ex-husband’s name to hers … and it underscores the bitterness of their...