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Bill Maher Uses Kim, Kanye and Pete to Explain Russian War Against Ukraine

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Can anyone explain to me what the hell John Neely Kennedy is talking about this time?

x A quick follow-up: Folks, I’m a WOC in the United States, this isn’t “surprising” to me at all (trust me, I’ve heard worse to my face) but it’s still shocking and...

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Anti-COVID pill approved; economy booming; Jordan asked to explain insurrection role

Jim Jordan, crime magnet In the news today: Quite a bit of good, for a change! The U.S. economy continues to boom, and the supply chain surge that saw major U.S. ports clogged with more imports than they...

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Meadows held in contempt (the official kind); Fox News tries to explain hosts’ texts

If Mark Meadows’ actions weren’t criminal before, they are now. (Tip: Badgering Georgia officials to alter vote totals was almost certainly criminal.) In the news today: There’s been...