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Austin Butler and Ezra Miller Did Not Get in Tokyo Bar Fight, Despite Reports

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Parents of 18-Year-Old Claim Ezra Miller Groomed Her, Want Court Protection

Ezra Miller is not only a bad influence, they’re a danger to the well-being of an 18-year-old woman … at least according to her parents, who are asking a court to step in and keep the actor...


Ezra Miller Threatens Cops with Hate Crime for Using Wrong Pronouns

Play video content MEGA Ezra Miller gave cops a stern warning during their arrest in Hawaii, don’t hurt their wrists … and get their pronouns right or face hate crime charges. More police body...


‘The Flash’s Ezra Miller Gets Aggressive With Cops In Arrest Body Cam Video

Play video content MEGA “The Flash” star Ezra Miller was aggressive with cops during his arrest in Hawaii, yelling for badge numbers and giving a strange reason why he records incidents. In...


Ezra Miller Wildly Dancing At Hawaiian Lounge Weeks After Arrest

Play video content TMZ.com “The Flash” star Ezra Miller was catching looks at a lounge in Hawaii over the weekend, dancing wildly just weeks after their arrest at a nearby bar. Eyewitnesses...


‘The Flash’ Star Ezra Miller Confronted by Cops Weeks Before Karaoke Arrest

Play video content TMZ.com Ezra Miller certainly doesn’t seem to be making friends in Hawaii — not only were they just arrested for a karaoke bar dispute — cops were also called for...