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Rob Manfred Says MLB Will Cancel Games Following Failed CBA Talks

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D.L. Hughley Says Judge Failed to Sentence Kim Potter as Citizen Would Be

Play video content TMZ.com Spare D.L. Hughley the outrage over Kim Potter getting a 2-year sentence for killing Daunte Wright — he says America’s judicial system consistently lets cops off...

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FBI arrests Capitol rioter who was on bail on attempted murder charge during failed Jan. 6 coup

While his bail was initially set at $1 million, he secured a pretrial release when his bail was lowered to $100,000. After storming the Capitol on Jan. 6, Beddingfield pleaded guilty to a lesser charge in...

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Good money after bad, the U.S. continues investing in failed ‘carbon capture’ technology

Despite carbon capture and storage’s diminishing returns, the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law devoted $12 billion to the technology, building off of copious prior investments. Ivanova notes that $5...