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Fangraphs has the Braves last in their updated farm system rankings

As expected with championship teams, the Braves’ farm system has lost a lot of talent, either through trades or graduation. Top prospect Michael Harris II is making a big impact on the Major League club, but consequently, the farm system takes a hit. FanGraphs has taken notice of this before the draft:

They have Atlanta at 30th, right behind the Chicago White Sox. While this may be discouraging, it is part of the reason why the Braves traded Drew Waters and other pieces for the 35th pick in the Draft. With five picks in the Top 100, look for the Braves to try to rebuild their farm system quickly and aggressively.



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FanGraphs now has the Braves with better odds to win the World Series than the Mets

Mets fans don’t want to admit it, but they’ve seen this story before. The kings of the NL East have arrived, cutting the Mets lead in the division to just five games over their 12-game win streak....

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What are the Braves playoff odds according to FanGraphs?

A week ago, this would be a topic I would have avoided, but the Braves have reeled off eight straight wins, and the division-leading Mets are now in their sights. Prior to their winning streak, New York...

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Just as we all expected three weeks ago, Dansby Swanson leads all Braves in Fangraphs WAR

I’m an unapologetic Dansby Swanson supporter, and it’s not because I think he’s a top-five shortstop in the game or is irreplaceable. However, when he goes into one of his abysmal slumps every...

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FanGraphs gives the Braves the best odds to win the World Series

As always, a lot of projections were low on the Braves entering the season. It’s been the same song and dance every year for the last five years now. However, one site is bullish on the Braves’...

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FanGraphs sees the Braves starting pitching as a potential weakness in 2022

When ESPN did their Opening Day power rankings, they put the Braves at third, but they named Atlanta’s starting pitching as their biggest weakness. In a lot of ways, I agree; there is the potential that...

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Braves: FanGraphs has Austin Riley taking a slight step back in 2022

In covering FanGraphs positional rankings so far, I’ve agreed with pretty much all of them, but I can’t get behind how they view Austin Riley. The Braves came in tenth in the power rankings, which was...

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FanGraphs believes shortstop is a position where the Braves could improve

FanGraphs positional rankings continued a couple of days ago with shortstops, and it’s the first area where the Braves did not get glaring reviews, coming in at 21st out of 30 teams. However, it’s not...

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FanGraphs has the Braves getting a lot better at the catcher position in 2022

FanGraphs annual positional power rankings are back, and they’ve begun with the catchers, an area that was the Braves’ weakest link last season. A lot of it had to do with the injury to Travis...

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FanGraphs projects the Braves record, NL East standings, and World Series odds without Freddie Freeman

Even without their star first baseman re-signed, FanGraphs is still high on the Braves going into the 2022 season: The Lockout Projected ZiPS Standings: National League Edition https://t.co/BFukTfFcdf —...

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FanGraphs’ ZiPS projections paint a clear picture of the Braves’ needs

FanGraphs’ ZiPS projections for the Braves are here. Unfortunately, it’s a bit incomplete because, like most teams, Atlanta has plenty of holes left to fill once the lockout comes to an end. They were...