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Far-right threats mount; Republicans videotape a criminal conspiracy

The neofascist ‘Patriot Front’ group has been exposed as both pathetic and dangerous.

In the news today: If you don’t count the Sunday shows, which were the usual conveyor belt of Republicans brought on to advertise themselves and dodge questions about their support for an attempted coup, it was a slow news day. And we’re not going to count the Sunday shows, because spending each and every weekend helping to promote the agendas of American politicians who have worked for four years to legitimize and cover for partisan crimes is the opposite of news. Enough.

As for the more important things happening on American soil, here’s some of what you may have missed:

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Anti-mandates march in D.C. manifests how anti-vaxxers have morphed into a far-right movement

The most prominent of these extremists was former progressive icon Robert F. Kennedy Jr., who has morphed over the past decade and longer, due to his obsession with the anti-vaccination cause, into a...

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Military background among far-right extremist criminals has exploded since 2017, study finds

Concern about the presence of extremist elements within the ranks of the military became acute after the insurrection, when it emerged that nearly one in five of the people indicted for their actions that...

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Jan. 6 investigation about to heat up; House Republicans recruit far-right extremists

The Jan. 6 committee has some hard choices to make. In the news today: The House committee investigating the Jan. 6 insurrection will be moving into a new, more visible phase of its work with new public...