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A Feast-Worthy Wine For Thanksgiving (Order By Sunday)

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Do you have a hard time choosing the best Thanksgiving wines to serve?

You know the moment at the liquor store: You’re standing in front of the display, going through your menu, trying to remember who is coming to dinner and what they liked to drink last year…

Let me make it easier on you this Thanksgiving and share one of my best kept secrets…

It’s called extreme altitude wine and it’s a wine unlike anything you’ve ever tasted (by ordering through this link and the links below, you’ll be supporting and benefiting Gateway Pundit).

Blackberry, leather, smoke, and little dark cherry. This stuff packs a punch!

Imagine pouring a glass over Thanksgiving dinner that comes directly from some of the highest vineyards in the entire world… up to 9,000 ft!

Any higher and the grapes wouldn’t be able to survive!

The best part? These red wines pair great with that holiday filet or prime rib you’ll be having.

Order before November 14th and you’ll get top quality, extreme altitude wine for about half the price.

Perfect for your Thanksgiving meal with the family.

Click here to get started.

Will Bonner

P.S. Shipping is complimentary for new subscribers. Reserve your extreme altitude wine here.

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