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News Roundup: Fox holds Fellini-style War on Christmas telethon; Trump takes loss

Hello Friday folks. It has been a tense week. There has been some good news, but unfortunately, what has been broken is very hard to piece back together again. That includes the Supreme Court, our infrastructure, and the environment. Raise a glass to Supreme Court Justice Sonia Sotomayor as she is doing God’s work on a court packed with zealots.

Here are some of the stories you may have missed:

Supreme Court leaves pregnant Texans still in danger, but gives abortion providers narrow legal path

Three-judge panel shoots down Trump’s claims to former-executive privilege. Next stop: Supreme Court

Fox News’ pity party over its burned Christmas tree reaches operatic levels of drama

Video shows Kanye’s publicist pressing Georgia election worker to admit to fake voter fraud claims

Honolulu’s water contamination crisis worsens as second well shuts down, residents moved to hotels

From anti-masking to ‘natural immunity,’ Republicans’ pandemic policies are total losers

Earth Matters: Solar costs plunge, Ohio extremists seek Senate, Utah keeps fighting monuments (sigh)

Driven by crimes against the Asian community, New York Police Department says hate crimes up 100%​​​​​​​

And from the Daily Kos community:

Museum of Flight: Air Force One (photo diary)

CO2 Coalition’s Newest Member Tony Heller Just Got Kicked Off Twitter for COVID Conspiracies​​​​​​​

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