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There’s one last fervently anti-choice Democrat in the House. It’s time to give him the heave-ho

After Texas Republicans enacted their virtual ban on abortion known as SB8, one of the ways Democrats in Congress responded was to pass a bill that would codify the constitutional rights laid out in Roe v. Wade into law. In the face of universal GOP opposition, the Women’s Health Protection Act passed the House on a strictly party-line vote … almost.

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There was one Democrat who sided with Republicans in their escalating assault on reproductive rights: Henry Cuellar. And guess where he’s from? Yep, that’s right—Texas.

Adding to the insult, Cuellar avoided commenting on his vote for weeks. When he finally did, he sneered, “By the way, when people frame this as ‘women’s health’ … if you want to call it abortion, call it abortion. It’s not a health issue.” You can add him to the long list of arrogant, clueless men eager to control women’s lives. And that’s why we need to subtract him from the Democratic caucus.

Enter Jessica Cisneros. She’s a human rights attorney and daughter of working-class immigrants from Mexico who will fight for a pathway to citizenship, universal health care, an assault weapons ban, expanding Social Security, and—you better believe it—protecting reproductive rights. Daily Kos is proud to endorse Cisneros in the Democratic primary for Texas’ 28th Congressional District.

Can you give $3 now to help a fierce progressive give the boot to the last anti-choice Democrat in the House?

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