Following his latest arrest at a New Jersey airport,Fetty Wap is ready to reflect on his life and career. The “My Way” rapper recently sat down with DJ Akademiks on the Off The Record Podcast to speak openly about his rise, and during the conversation, Fetty admitted to lacing all of his friends and loved ones with new cars.

When rappers get their first big payday, whether it comes as a label advance or some other source, the first instinct is usually to purchase some luxury item for themselves and those that they love. This usually leads to diminished zeroes in those bank accounts.

Ethan Miller / Staff / Getty Images

Akademiks, who is also from Jersey, recalled hearing in the streets that Fetty was purchasing vehicles for people. The podcast host said the number 50, but Fetty corrected him and stated that he bought 72 cars.

“From then to now? Yeah, 72,” said the rapper. Akademiks wanted to know who Fetty was buying these vehicles for. “Damn near everybody,” Fetty answered. “At that time, bro, like I said, I just wanted everybody to be happy. I felt like in order for me to still be—even though it still happened, unfortunately, in order for me to try to take control of what was going on in my area, I felt like I had to show people… Just because I made it, doesn’t mean you didn’t.”

In other Fetty Wap news, federal authorities have accused the rapper of being involved in a drug operation that moved heroin, fentanyl, and cocaine. He is currently released on bond. Watch the clip of his chat with Akademiks below.