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Pregnant Woman Fighting HOV Ticket Says Haters Tell Her to Get Abortion

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August Alsina Confronts Death, Says He’s Fighting to Stay Alive

Prayers up for August Alsina. The R&B singer is reflecting on life and death amid his ongoing health struggles. Taking to Instagram, he penned a heartbreaking message and revealed that he’s fighting...

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Ex-Senator Warns Biden And Pelosi Dem Brand Is ‘Toxic’: “The brand is so toxic that people who are Democrats, the ones left, aren’t fighting for the party”

A former Democratic Senator came clean and admitted the Dem brand in rural areas is so toxic that any Dems left won’t fight for the Party. Some Dems have even removed bumper stickers and other political...

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Fighting for a better justice system

Hello, Daily Kos Community, and welcome back to Daily Kos Week in Action! This weekly series from the Daily Kos Activism team shares the issues we’re working on and gets your feedback on where we might...

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Fighting for representation and equality

Thank a Postal Worker Feb. 4 was Thank a Mail Carrier Day. This year, our postal workers are working extremely hard by delivering free COVID-19 tests right to our doors. The USPS is doing an excellent job...

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Jaxson Hayes Hit With 12 Charges After Fighting With Police

The incident involving Jaxson and police took place back in July. Jaxson Hayes is currently in his third season with the New Orleans Pelicans, although as it stands, he has a lot more than just basketball...

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KY Teacher William Bennett Fired For Fighting Student In Viral Video

Even during a deadly pandemic and awful trend of increasingly common school shootings, White teachers like William Bennett are still some of the biggest threats to Black children’s safety and...

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Trump and two of his stooges are fighting the Jan. 6 committee, and more

In the news today: Jim Jordan isn’t keen on appearing before the House Select Committee on Jan. 6 to explain his role in coordinating a coup with Donald Trump. Fine, lock him up. Michael Flynn lost his...

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Fighting against child poverty and Big Tech’s toxic influence

Extending the Child Tax Credit   Joe Manchin—a name we all wish we could delete from our collective political lexicon—is yet again impeding progress like a stranded barge blocking the supply chain....

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Solar costs plunge, Ohio extremists seek Senate, Utah keeps fighting monuments (sigh)

What this means, according to a statement on the website of the Southern Utah Wilderness Alliance, which along with the Bears Ears Inter-Tribal Coalition was a key player in making Bears Ears happen, is...

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Eminem, Justin Bieber, & Polo G Join Juice WRLD on ‘Fighting Demons’

1 hour ago News Tracklistings Juice WRLD’s second posthumous album Fighting Demons arrives tonight. The star-studded set features 18 tracks including the singles “Already Dead” and “Wandered to...

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THEY HATE THEIR VOTERS: Senate Republicans Promote Dirtbag Lisa Murkowski as “Great Leader” Who’s “Fighting for Alaska” in New Promotion

Dirtbag Lisa Murkowski is arguably the worst Republican in the US Senate next to Mitt Romney. She’s rotten and constantly ignores and spits on her voting base. She is about as unpopular with...