He may have claimed that his recent bowling alley beatdown was self-defense, but DaBaby is still facing a lawsuit. The world watched as DaniLeigh’s brother Brandon Bills and the father of the singer’s child, DaBaby, were engaged in a fight after a video of the incident went viral. Brandon repeatedly challenged DaBaby to a brawl after the rapper made scathing remarks about DaniLeigh online, and it seems that when they were face to face, DaBaby and his entourage decided to throw a few fists.

Later, Bills decided to sue DaBaby over the confrontation and the rapper’s lawyer, Drew Findling, now claims that Brandon initiated the outcome after making threats against DaBaby last year.

“It is offensive that this alleged victim threatened and instigated violence and has now used this incident to make a quick money grab,” said Findling. Additionally, the attorney believes that Brandon’s immediate filing of a lawsuit shows that a criminal investigation “would be laughable” and accuses Bills of looking to make quick cash from the incident.

“Garbage like this has no place adding to the backlog and wasting law enforcement time and energy.” Wack 100 made similar accusations against Brandon Bills when he wrote on Instagram that it seemed like DaniLeigh’s brother was looking for a “come up.